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Daxon’s career focus is building internet businesses and websites that improve the relationships between potential customers and businesses. Often businesses see a relationship beginning and ending with a transaction. But the real relationship begins well before. We can forget that when a customer sees our ad or visits our site that he or she is interacting with a brand, a personality they either connect with or move on. As we all know, price is important, but that’s not the total package needed to maximize profitability. Instead, a powerful package must include a strong brand and loyal fan base. Developing relationships goes beyond marketing presentations or enticements. It is a culture. It is a vision. It’s a personality.

Daxon has an MBA in eBusiness development and over 13 years of web marketing and development experience. Currently co-founder of Anthem Optimization, a sophisticated SEO firm in Nashville, and supporter of non-profits, small businesses, and independent musicians on social, design, WordPress templates development, and SEO services–helping them become more successful in competitive spaces.

Prior to January 2011, he worked for [meta]marketer, one of the premier marketing optimization agencies in Nashville, TN, providing successful SEO services to clients. The majority of his experience was with one of the world’s largest book publishers, Thomas Nelson Publishers. He served in various roles from content management to marketing strategy development for over 80 small to large websites, and was responsible for developing and growing an ebusiness start-up using revenue models around advertising, subscriptions, and digital and physical product sales.

Internet marketing is his passion and he knows the fine balance between managing a company’s interest and pleasing the customer. He has planned and managed various types of online marketing campaigns utilizing his experience in several online marketing areas, including traditional and online word of mouth marketing campaigns, email marketing strategy development, Intranet and Internet website design and development, programming, project management, online surveys, SEOweb analytics, and much more. He has worked with music record labels, non-profits, counseling agencies, and speaks at various conferences on teens use of social networks and SEO management.
Daxon Edwards, Digital Marketing Strategist

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