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This site is meant to collect the harder-to-find technical elements of data collection and analysis. I don’t promise to be the end-all in my concepts and some people are likely not to be impressed. At the end of the day, I simply want to help people avoid as much work as I had to go through to discover these solutions. I welcome questions, compliments, and criticisms. I appreciate any insight you can provide to help us all improve our careers and noteworthy successes!

About Me

My name is Daxon Edwards and my career focus is building large websites and techniques that improve the relationships between potential customers and businesses. As of 2017, I have over 17 years of web marketing and development experience.  That means that I have experience in almost every field of online marketing, but my efforts have focused mostly on analytics, web development, and digital strategy. My favorite areas include UX optimization and developing strategies that line up with a company’s buyers journey.

You can see more detail about my experience by visiting my LinkedIn profile.

All of my endeavors require programming and data analysis, which has led me to provide this website as a resource for others. I don’t spend time contributing in forums,  but in my spare time I add content here. Have questions for me? Willing to provide feedback? Please contact me using my online form. It’ll go straight to my Gmail account. Take care!

Daxon Edwards, Digital Strategist

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